Why Should You Keep a Food Diary?

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Even though the effort you put into making sure you eat healthy is valuable, you’ll benefit much more if you try maintaining a food diary instead of spending days in which your goal is to have a certain number of meals per day and exercise an hour daily.


It’s much easier to stay on track if you write down what you eat in a diary. Note that this is not calorie counting as food journaling involves writing down what you ate and their portion sizes, which can be in ounces, grams, etc. You can even include other details of your day, for example, what time you ate, when you exercised and for how long, how long did you sleep for, how long you spent watching TV and even events that made you happy or stressed out.


Food isn’t the only aspect of health, exercise, sleep and how you feel are important too. You identify habits by writing a food diary It’s not only about monitoring what you eat. By writing down the time of the day you eat and activities that are related to your eating habits, you may be able to identify a pattern that can be improved.


Plan your meals better You may start food journaling with an intention to track what you eat but you can take it a step further and plan out your meals and snacks to create a balance in your diet. This also allows people to plan ahead and make smart food choices, especially if they have a busy schedule.


You have a solid record of what you eat. Sometimes when you eat unhealthy food your mind tricks you into believing that you didn’t have a lot of it or you didn’t eat it at all. You don’t have to ponder over whether you had too much of something if you write everything down.

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