The Benefits of Cooking with Coconut Oil

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Coconut Oil is the latest food product to be given the celebrity treatment, but for once, the celebrities might have it right. Coconut Oil came under a lot of stick in the past due to it containing a lot of saturated fat, which was associated with heart disease. New research has indicated that not all saturated fats are equal (and bad for you),and some may be beneficial to your health. These benefits include: cholesterol level maintenance, boosted immune system, proper digestion and regulated metabolism.


Coconut Oil contains Lauric acid, Capric Acid and Caprlyic Acid and some of their respective properties include: microbial, antioxidant, anti fungal, antibacterial and soothing qualities.


So what do we do with it?


Coconut Oil comes from the pressed fruit of the coconut palm tree and is ideal to use in subtly flavored dishes. Its been used by people living in the tropical areas of Asia, Africa, the Pacific and South America for hundred of years.


Coconut Oil is quite different from other cooking oils in that it has a distinctive make up of fatty acids. This makes it highly resistant to oxidation at high heat making it perfect for frying (heat normally destroys the beneficial fats in other oils). These fatty acids head from the digestive tract to the liver and are turned into a quick source of energy. So it’s a great alternative to vegetable or Sunflower Oil.


Coconut oil is easy to digest and it is known to reduce abdominal obesity and is great for bloating and poor digestion. The fatty acids found in Coconut Oil contain anti microbial properties, which can have a soothing effect on bacteria. Add a teaspoon to a smoothie to soothe your bacteria and fill you up a little longer.


Coconut Oil is not only great for consuming as it adds a really tasty flavour but its also great for your skin. It’s hydrating so it’s wonderful for helping with sagging and wrinkling skin.

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