Remember to Stretch!

Young woman seated hamstring stretch

Why should you stretch post workout? Stretching post workout is highly recommended by most fitness experts and there are numerous research studies that prove its importance.


The benefits of stretching after a workout can be both physiological as well as psychological, such as:


1. Increased flexibility It’s easy to neglect stretching, especially if you’re a hardcore bodybuilder who only focuses on strength workouts. However, you need to focus on achieving a stronger and leaner frame too. In order to achieve this, you need to stretch after workouts. When you exercise, your muscle fibers contract and tear. Your muscle fibers repair and rebuild during the rest period within workouts. However, not stretching could shorten these muscle fibers thus, reducing their flexibility. This is bad because you don’t get to maximize your efforts in the gym.


2. Increased range of motion You need to ensure that your muscles function optimally if you want pro-athlete results. Increasing your range of motion with post-workout stretches will help maximize your efforts and performance while working out. Listen to your body and push your muscles into proper stretches without causing pain to your body. With time, you’ll be able to stretch deeper and allow your body to adapt to a greater range of motion.


3. Faster recovery Performing stretches post workout will help your muscles recover faster after a grueling session. Most people skip workouts due to delayed onset muscle soreness – the pain you feel the next day after a workout. However, stretching after workouts will diminish soreness, enhance and quicken recovery and reduce your risk of injury.


4. You feel good When you stretch post workout, you give your mind a chance to contemplate on what your body just did and tune into how it is feeling. The deep breathing during stretches and mind-body connection will help relax your body and reduce stress. Stretching is an excellent way to calm your nerves and feel happy about how hard you are working.

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