Our plan offers customers the option of eating genuinely, healthy meals that make them feel good whilst:

  • Tasting delicious – key in ensuring that healthy eating is sustainable.
  • Including indulgent-tasting yet genuinely healthy, guilt-free desserts and chocolates which again ensures that this way of eating is sustainable.

Many food products are labelled and marketed as HEALTHY, when in reality a Personal Trainer wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole and would steer their clients well away from them.

Personal Trainers refer their clients to The PT Kitchen because they know that our food plans will realistically help their clients achieve their health, fitness and weight-loss goals.

Our meals are nutritionally tailored to your needs and offer a measured, pre-prepared option which is ready to consume. All the hard work has been done for you. Our award-winning chef has used high-quality ingredients to prepare our top quality meals.

Our Meal Plan

Our 6-day meal plan offers our customers the choice of a breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus juice and snack each day for six days.

Each of the lunch and dinner options include a lean meat or fish, and vegetables, seasoned perfectly and nutritionally balanced.

Our sample menu below gives you an idea of type of meals available on this plan. Upon ordering, one of our team members will call you to run through the options for the meals for you to choose from, depending on your likes and dislikes, and will process your order and arrange a delivery date.

If you want a copy of this menu for yourself then you can download a PDF version.