More fats and less sugar!


Too often people reach for store-bought, additive-filled, convenience protein snacks, ‘healthy’ breakfast bars or ‘gluten-free’ snack bars and they think they are ‘being good’.

A lot of these products are cleverly-marketed as ‘healthy’, however, in reality, they still contain unnatural, processed ingredients, refined sugars, or, best case scenario, have a high sugar content from natural sources such as dried fruit.

We know that many of you out there are still giving in to refined sugar snacks for an energy kick or to fill boredom or to fit in as ‘everyone in the office is eating them’ or just because they are there in front of you and you’ve not had time to make a genuinely healthy alternative.

We’ve all heard Jamie Oliver’s warnings on refined sugar, and we all want an alternative….

Often the only guaranteed way to ensure that no or very little sugar is added to your snacks, is to make them yourself or to buy hand-made recipes such as our Superfood Saturday Chocolate Protein Balls.

It’s actually worth making and tasting a batch without the honey as you may find that the recipe is sweet enough for you without.

If you want more of a sweet hit, you can add the raw honey. Raw honey has a much lower GI (glycaemic index) than processed honey.

The GI is an index that measures food’s effect on blood glucose, or blood sugar, level. The low GI means you cut out the insulin spike and subsequent energy slump associated with high GI sweeteners such as refined sugar.

You can pick up raw honey from any health food outlet these days and our local favourite is Haughton Honey from right here in Cheshire.

The key with this Chocolate Protein Ball Recipe is that it uses healthy fats:

  • coconut oil, which has 0% sugars
  • and cashew butter which contains 6g of sugar for every 100g serving

as the binding ingredient rather than dried fruits such as dates and raisins which are used in most natural snack bars as they are significantly cheaper than coconut oil and nut butters.

In addition the cacao powder, our favourite being Cheshire-based Kaizen Living, contains only 0.6g of sugar for every 100g serving, compared to cocoa powder which contains 10 times this amount of sugar and minimal traces of the actual cacao bean left in it.

We could all benefit from focusing on increasing our intake of healthy fats and reducing our sugar intake and this is one hell of a tasty way to do it – enjoy!

Kate Squared

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