Introducing Kate Hepworth


Hi, I’m Kate!

I have always been a bit of a foodie.

When I left home to go to university and gained the independence to decide for myself what I was going to eat for each meal I always seemed to prioritise including lots of vegetables and salads in my lunches and dinners and lots of fruit in my breakfasts and snacks.

It was almost instinctive somehow as I honestly have no idea where my natural tendency to choose healthy, plant-based ingredients comes from.

Next I moved to Paris, where I worked for several years and tried every delicacy and odd ingredient I could get my hands on.

I would spend weekends travelling the length and breadth of France, trying everything from pigs’ trotters to bone marrow, snails to cheese that smells like smelly feet.

This is perhaps where I got my love of variety in my diet, eating a bit of everything, trying every flavour, experimenting, keeping an open mind and enjoying food in general.

I moved back to the UK in 2005 and spent the next 8 years always choosing home-cooked food over takeaways, Graze boxes over the traditional sugary office snacks, salads over sandwiches, broccoli over pasta, fruit and vegetables above everything else.

However, I had one clink in my armour, one thing that didn’t seem to sit right with this love of healthy food.

I had a seriously sweet tooth and would devour whole boxes of chocolates to myself, obsess over when I would have time to pick up a doughnut and I would bake sugary cakes and take them to the office for everyone to share.

Most Christmases I would be bought cake or chocolate recipe books or baking equipment. This turned out to be very useful for the next phase of my life.

At the end of 2013, I took some time out from my career to volunteer along with my good friend and Nutric8 co-founder, Kate Fearnley, at an orphanage in Peru.

On our way back to the UK, the other Kate really wanted to visit Mexico. Whilst researching what there was to do there, I found an interesting-sounding Raw Food and Yoga Retreat in Valladolid and explained it to Kate, another fellow health food lover and indeed Nutritionist, who thought it was a great idea.

We spent a week studying all of the principles of Raw Food cuisine and learning from Raw Food Expert, Beate Epp how to create exciting and alternative recipes from the most amazing ingredients instead of using wheat, dairy or sugar.

Since then I’ve had the privileged to spend time learning from Kate Magic, the UK’s top Raw Food expert and Katy Pierce who owns Jersey’s top rated restaurant, Moo, that serves amazing raw food and superfood delights.

It was eye opening. All of a sudden I could combine my love of gorgeous, sweet-tasting treats with my love of healthy eating and use all my baking equipment to make ‘no bake’ sugar-free, gluten-free and dairy-free cakes, biscuits and chocolates!

This was life changing. I went from an addiction to refined sugar and a guilt-laden life to a way of nourishing my body each and every time I ate.

I am a firm believer that diets that cut out all ‘naughty food’ are impossible to keep to long term. Instead it is better to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle rather than a short-term diet and find ways to continue ‘indulging’ your naughty side in a way that is healthy and doesn’t jeopardise any health or fitness goals.

I say… Let them eat cake!

Kate Squared

One thought on “Introducing Kate Hepworth

  1. maria says:

    What a journey! You are inspiring. I am just embarking on a similar one and doing a Raw Food Nutritionalist course! It’s going to be tough as I have a sweet tooth too but after a recent trip to Oz (and discovering the Raw Café in Perth) I know just how good raw desserts can be!

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