Life’s easier when you chill out


This week has been so much easier than those of recent; I chose to stop worrying about certain things which to be honest, thoroughly cleared my mind and just brightened up my mood. Definite tip there; especially if you are training or changing the way you eat like I am; you need to cut out stresses from your life. I know that having so much going on in the background has made this journey that bit harder, and releasing some of that stress is such a good feeling. Are you sure that everything you are worrying about right now, is actually important or even necessary to you at all?


As much as I say I’m in such a better mood, I’ve also found myself to be easily annoyed by any sort of noise in the gym. A weight being dropped here; someone singing over there… I know I’m being silly but it all just drives me nuts at the moment! I hope it goes away after this has all finished – especially as I know I’m that annoying person sometimes in the gym dropping weights!


When I first started this journey I moaned about only being able to eat the meals The PT Kitchen made; but my gosh do I miss them right now! They’re so full of flavour, many are sweet which is perfect for my sweet-tooth… And now I’m limited to green vegetables and fish. No sauces, nothing! What did I have to moan about!

Chris Howard

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