How do I place my order?

We provide everything needed to start, maintain and enjoy a healthy-eating lifestyle to achieve weight loss, muscle gain and other health and fitness goals easily in a genuinely healthy and sustainable way.

Our range of packages offer customers the option of eating and drinking genuinely healthy, delicious produce that have already been carefully prepared and cooked for our customers.

Here’s what to do…

Step 1: Choose Between:

Our 6-meal plan offers our customers the choice of a breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus juice and snack each day for six days.

Each of the lunch and dinner options include a lean meat or fish, and vegetables, seasoned perfectly and nutritionally balanced.

Our sample menu gives you an idea of type of meals available on this plan.

We offer two juice cleanse options – a one day sample cleanse consisting of five juices, and 3-day juice cleanse which consists of five different juices each day for three days.

All our juices are cold pressed and contain a range of wholesome, nutrient packed ingredients and are packed full of essential vitamins and minerals.

We save our customers the hassle of having to shop for the ingredients, the mess in the kitchen, the time it takes to prepare and juice the produce and the cleaning up!

If the juices are all there, chilled and ready to consume, you minimise your excuses.

Simply choose whether you would like the 1 or 3 day option.

Our delicious range of superfood treats and hampers will be coming soon.

Step 2: Order and confirm

After selecting your desired option online and completing the checkout, one of our team will call you.

Our professional staff will run through the options of the meals for you to choose from for the duration of your plan.

You will have the opportunity to choose the dishes that suit your tastes and will process your order and arrange a delivery date.

Your meals will be split into two deliveries to ensure the meals are the freshest they can be.

Each meal plan is hand delivered to you so that our knowledgeable staff can run through the options and ensure you are happy with the products and service.

Once you have selected whether you would like the 1 or 3 day juice cleanse, we will process your order on weekdays and dispatch at the earliest opportunity.


Step 3: Enjoy

The meals will be delivered to your address in the Cheshire area by hand, ready for you to enjoy.

We look forward to hearing from your soon.

Enjoy your healthy food or juice!