Fish, Fish and More Fish


Originally with the fish diet the plan was to stick to a white fish such as sea-bass, day in day out. I couldn’t hack it; the boredom meant I grew sick of it so quickly. So, just like our meal plans, I made every meal different by using a different fish. I have smoked haddock, red tuna, swordfish, sea-bass occasionally, scallops… the diet is so tasty! Well, apart from the constant pile of spinach and avocado! I have to say though maintaining this diet is so expensive, it actually makes the meal plans from The PT Kitchen look cheap!


Easter is coming up – sadly I can’t have any chocolate eggs, or any kind of snack for that matter. That doesn’t mean you can’t though! The snacks we provide at The PT Kitchen are so sweet, you wouldn’t think they’re actually beneficial to your health. I know full well that after this training period I definitely be indulging on them myself!


This weekend I’ll be celebrating Easter with my family; it’s another occasion where I can promote the fact that eating out doesn’t have to mean eating unhealthily. Huge tip – I’ve found that Greek and Lebanese restaurants are the best place to go to, to pick up really tasty salads and fish/meat meals that easily fit into a macro plan.


Training is going well; but it is depressing watching my strength decrease as I lose more and more weight. I’m not shouting about being the biggest person in the gym and I am definitely not but I remember a time where I could throw 40+ kilogram dumbbells around on chest day with ease; but now I am struggling with half that weight! It’s all for the end goal though, I know it’s worth it.

Chris Howard

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