Fasted Cardio


Fasted cardio is disgusting, I come off the stepper feeling tired, cold and ill. I know it is working though, it might just be a mental thing but I honestly think I can already feel the extra calories being burnt! We’ll see next week when I do another caliper test. I can tell at his stage that I don’t look competition ready – at least yet, but I definitely look the best I ever had and am the strongest; so my training and diet is definitely working.


Even if I don’t achieve what I set out to; I have changed my life for the better, using the food The PT Kitchen serves and sticking to a training plan. I know I will make it onto the stage, whether I am ranked as well as I hoped is a different story but my main goal was to change my body from something below average to something to be proud of, and nine weeks out I can honestly say that I am! Eating well can change your life


I wish I could be honest and say I’m still really enjoying this process but I can’t; I can’t wait for these last 9 weeks to be over. How anyone lives this way for longer periods than I am is beyond me. My head is gone, work is being affected and so is my social life; I just have to try and get into the zone and smash it out! At least the food is nice.
I’m going to make big changes to my diet soon and eat literally just fish and greens. To start with I’ll be eating tuna and salmon every day, but in a week or two I’ll have to take this out too because it is too fatty! Gosh this is strict.

Chris Howard

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