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A diet typically means a way of eating which is used to achieve a short term goal, and then after a certain period, unhealthy habits creep back in. The My PT Kitchen Meal Plans are not what you would deem a traditional diet; they are not about boring food that you don’t enjoy or about depriving yourself or having a long list of things that you can’t eat. It’s a lifestyle choice where you decide to insist that all the food you eat is 100% natural and home-made, rather than processed and where you insist that you want to eat delicious and tasty meals that keep you feeling full, energised and happy.

The human body can be compared with a car; you wouldn’t fill up a diesel with unleaded and expect it to run at its best. However, millions of people across the globe are choosing to eat unnatural, processed foods that are clogging up their system and not allowing them to achieve their optimum health, weight, size and fitness goals.
Customers often find that they naturally start losing weight, without any of the pain, inconvenience, boredom or hunger associated with a traditional diet, when eating our Meal Plans. This is purely and simply because they are eating food that:

  • The body has been designed to eat
  • Fuels and nourishes their body and mind
  • Allows their body to regulate itself and perform at its best

We’ve tried and tested many different diets between us and can vouch for the fact that this way of eating is a lifestyle, not a diet, and it’s an enjoyable lifestyle at that. Some of the benefits include:

  • Feeling amazing and energised throughout the day
  • More healthy, radiant hair, skin and nails
  • Improved performance in sports / at the gym
  • Better sleep patterns (both in terms of being able to fall asleep and sleep through the night)
  • Easier to achieve ideal body type
  • It is not ridiculously restrictive or boring, there is always a tasty alternative to any ingredient that is avoided.

Yes, for our customers who have ordered at least 8 deliveries, we can arrange (for a standard outside catering cost) for our award-winning (and entertaining!) chef to cater for your dinner party with a difference.

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