Curry night?! And don’t over-do it!


I spoke to a acquaintance this weekend who had prepped all their meals themselves for the next week – the poor lad is having the same 2 meals day in day out for a whole week! I could never imagine pushing through this training knowing I’ll be sick of my next meal as early as two days in – yes I am that picky! The PT Kitchen could have made his life so much easier, if only we delivered abroad!


Poor Chris decided to do far too much cardio this weekend, he did a full 100 minutes on a stepper. He looked and felt like death when he walked off of it, shaking and starving! Lesson learnt people, don’t over-do it! Steady state cardio is the way to go if you’re going to do it at all, 20-30 minutes on a stepper or walking on a treadmill and the results WILL come, as any professional will tell you the results just take time there is no quick fix! It definitely is 80% diet and 20% training though, so make sure that diet is on point by using The PT Kitchen and you might not need to do cardio at all!


Not that I can have it; but have you noticed The PT Kitchen’s adverts for their new paleo curry night in? I have to be super strict on myself, but if your goals are just being fit, losing some weight or reaching new strength goals then why not revolutionise your cheat meal for the week! The paleo curry is nothing but good, it might have some coconut milk in (which is why I can’t have it) but you wouldn’t even know that is is super healthy, and even comes with all the sides like a naan bread and dips! Of course I would definitely recommend giving it a go if you schedule cheat meals into your plans! Or even if you just fancy being a bit naughty! It’s available this April so watch out!

Chris Howard

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