Blog 47 – Now it’s Your Turn!


This journey has been ridiculously long, hard and challenging. There were hurdles after hurdles, from illness to learning what my body was tolerant to – but I did it. No cheating, plenty of moaning and PLENTY of help along the way from my trainer Jamie Bantleman, my partner in crime Taylor and my best mate Chris who’s kept pushing me and took on responsibility to keep the PT Kitchen top notch while I’ve been training hard. Without you guys and everyone else’s kind words along the way I know I wouldn’t have succeeded.


The proof is there though – that good old fashioned saying of ‘if I can do it; so can you’. I was 16 stone in january, well overweight and drifting further and further away from good health. Now, I’m 13 stone and for the first time ever, happy with my body. I never thought I’d be able to say that.


I started The PT Kitchen to help people like me achieve their goals, and now I have the perfect example that it works in myself. Today I’m flying out to Mexico as a treat for myself and I’ll be comfortable wearing just a pair of shorts by the pool.


If you are aiming to better yourself, your diet and/or your body; get in touch! I know that The PT Kitchen has the capability to change the way you think, eat and live forever; live a great lifestyle through great nutrition.
So here’s to the end of my journey, and the beginning of yours!

Chris Howard

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