Blog 46 – The Big Day is Here!


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So I could say that today has been the best day of my life. The nerves before getting on stage were absolutely unbearable but when I came off it; I had tears in my eyes because of the excitement. Seeing my friends and family cheering for me and looking half as proud as I am of myself was amazing to see. I had a lovely glass of red just before going out to make me look as veiny as possible – not sure they were so visible though because of the fake tan! It was all smiles on stage and fair play to the other guys on there; they look like they’d been doing this for a very long time; If I could reach the stages their at one day I would be incredibly happy so shoutout to you guys for some top work!


I didn’t place today, but that was never the idea and I never thought that would happen – I definitely did tell myself it would though just to keep the motivation high! Always aiming to be number 1 that’s my problem! But do you know what? In my eyes – I won, and that definitely is all that matters.


It was straight home after the competition to do a photoshoot in Atlas Gym in Altrincham, again, another milestone for me that I can have someone taking pictures of me with my top off!
And now for the best bit; I get to celebrate with my closest friends and family in my favourite restaurant – Yara! Don’t think I’m not going all out and eating everything in sight tonight; If I don’t go home feeling sick then the job is not done!

Chris Howard

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