Blog 45 – The Nervous Night Before!


Today is the day I set off for Birmingham; and tomorrow I will be on stage! This is crazy! Yesterday I begun water loading – 15 litres or 30 litres over two days; I feel sick but hungry at the same time it’s really unusual. This is going to make me go to the toilet an awful lot, flushing all the water out of my system and making me look as cut as possible ready for the stage.


My body feels absolutely drained, I have no energy whatsoever but the adrenaline is pumping and I’m still smiling. I have to do all the girly stuff tonight – fake tan, waxing, the lot! Tomorrow will be the first time ever that I have shown my body off in pictures and I am quite nervous, but so proud of myself at the same time. It isn’t just like taking your top off on holiday, for me this is something I have been embarrassed about for a long time and am still nervous about now.


Definitely early to bed tonight; actually a really good idea to take some hours out of the day where I won’t constantly be hungry! Tomorrow is my big day; and I can’t wait to share it with you all. Good night!

Chris Howard

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