Blog 44 – Hiding from work

Coffee Beans

It’s weird to think that after all this time; the competition is THIS WEEK! Where is this year going!? I’m going to be that typical person saying times flying even though throughout this journey I’ve been moaning about how long and laborious it’s been.

This week I can’t even be in the kitchen so it’s 100% a good job I have a fab team around me to look after things – because right now I don’t want to even look at the food we make it’s just torture.


I said at the beginning of all this that I couldn’t get bored of the PT kitchen’s food, but when you’re only having the fish dishes, with none of the flavourings and no carbs, I’m telling you it’s starting to taste like paper.
It’s only this week left. Surely it can’t be that hard?! Props to anyone who does this year on year I have no idea how! I envy your will power and the bodies that you’ve all created over the years!

Chris Howard

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