Blog 43 – 1 Week to go!


1 week to go! It’s all smiles here. The excitement of being on stage is pushing me along now; I’m not even fazed by the cardio or bothered by what other people are eating. I swear my mind changes every day though so don’t hold me to that thought!


Training is so hard without carbs, I feel so weak but my goal was never to be lifting more weight, it was all about aesthetics. For the first time in my life I can be genuinely be proud of the way my body looks; I can look forwards to being in a pair of shorts on holiday! Bulking has never been a more exciting concept to me right now either. Obviously even after my competition I definitely won’t stop going to the gym; I love it!
I can’t wait to eat carbs. Currently; I am eating about 1000 calories a day spread between 5 meals, and drinking FIVE litres of water. Not glasses, litres! That’s nothing, two days before the competition I’ll be on 12 litres! I can’t even imagine drinking that much right now! It’s all in order to flush the system and literally wee it all out! There will be no fluid in my body meaning I’ll look as lean as possible.

Chris Howard

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