Blog 41 – It’s nearly here!


Just 2 weeks to go! I never thought I would say this but I almost wish I had longer! Can you believe that? I’ve smashed my weight goals and nearly managed to lose one stone every month, dropping from 16 to nearly 12. I’d love to go further and grow my muscles more so I look like your typical bodybuilder but I know that that isn’t possible in the time that I have left so my priority is to simply look as good as possible.


I’ve pushed my first meal of the day further and further back using the excuse of fasted cardio, just so there are less hours in the day left to be hungry. My energy levels are so low; walking up a flight of stairs has become more of a chore than standing on a stepper!


Cardio for 80 minutes per day is absolutely crazy. I spend nearly 10 hours of my week stood, on a stepper. I can definitely think of better things to be doing! At the end of the day, no matter what happens I know it will all be worth it though. I will never let myself absolutely crash; when this is finished I will definitely maintain it to some extent for a large part of my life; simply because fitness is my passion and I like the idea of looking good!
I know things around me are suffering; relationships, my work life, family life. But I know that once this is over that will all change so I’m not worried. I’ve been so grateful for everyone sticking by me through the mood swings and the constant moaning!

Chris Howard

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