Blog 40 – I swear the biosig is lying!


The Biosignature is starting to show me as being a higher % of fat again, but I’m presuming that’s because I am losing so much muscle through the increased amount of cardio. This isn’t an issue and was always going to happen as to look as lean as possible it’s so important I’m burning up as many calories as possible.


I’m moving up to 50 minutes on the stepper, twice a day just to look as good as possible. It was horrible enough doing an hour a day, this is going to be so painful! Just got to think of the end goal now!


I’m eating less and less now and with the increased cardio, it is going to feel disgusting. Currently I’m eating around 1500 calories per day, and considering I’m burning nearly double that with the cardio and weight training you can imagine how tired I will be!

All I can think about at the moment is my holiday after the competition, I can’t wait for it to be over!
We’ve changed my training to much lower weights with less rest now, the lack of energy I have means this is still really hard to perform but it’s better for me than trying to push heavy weights without the calories to back me up.

Chris Howard

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