Blog 39 – Hungry Horace!


I’m 6.2% as of this morning. Considering I started at 17%, I can’t believe how far I’ve actually come. 14 weeks ago, I had folds of skin; I looked ‘chubby’ and now I feel great. As much as I have no energy from the lack of carbs and low calories; I’m so upbeat about it all.


We’ve started making new protein balls and brownies in the kitchen and it is absolutely torture; I need to be careful that I don’t ruin all this hard work once the competition is over; there is so much temptation. I mean, those kinds of snacks aren’t even bad for you they have clean ingredients, but the huge amount I definitely want to eat wouldn’t be!
The calories are being reduced week by week now; hunger is a constant factor in my day. But do you know what? It’s not so hard anymore! They say will power is like a muscle and the more you train it the stronger it gets; so I’m pretty sure mine is quite the muscle now!

Chris Howard

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