Blog 38 – No More Bodybuilding?


I found out this weekend that my age category has been dropped from UKBFF this year because there aren’t enough entries; I’m gutted! One thing it has made me realise is that after everything I said about not being ready, about not even doing it anymore was wrong; I really want to do this!


And, I still am. I’m going to compete in the open age category with the big boys! Yeah I might look silly next to that 35 year old who has been competing his whole life, but who cares? Like I’ve always said the aim was not to win but to just get on stage; and from my starting point back in January that is some achievement.


I’ve been practicing the poses I’ll have to make on stage; I have 4 or so more weeks to get a routine together! My gosh it’s harder than it looks, I thought I would just be stood there smiling, but no, the constant necessity to tense each muscle is excruciating to say the least; I commend those who do this on a yearly basis! It’s a workout in itself, do you think I might be able to switch out my cardio and do this instead?!

Chris Howard

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