Blog 37 – Cucumber.

cucumber snack

So I’ve stopped taking a large majority of the supplements and I feel so much better for it. I’m usually a true believer that they are there to help and can only be a positive thing but seeing how my body has reacted to the lack of them has made me think otherwise!


Also, with my really yummy, ever changing diet (just kidding) I had a thought; why am I having so many different kinds of fish when I don’t even like half of them!? I’m gonna stick to the one or two white fishes that I actually like, hake and swordfish – still pretty damn exotic if you ask me.


Cucumber has absolutely become my best friend, I must have 3 or 4 a day now, and there is always a decent stockpile in the car. I’ll be honest I really think they’re getting me through this; whenever I am really hungry I know I can turn to a cucumber for help!


Training is going well, not going to lie if I had to train on my own I don’t think I could do this but having Jamie, my PT there or Chris on the odd occasion is definitely a motivating force.

Chris Howard

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