Blog 23 – Green juice tastes…

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As business picks up I’m starting to feel the time I have dissapear. It feels like I work, go to the gym, sleep at the moment, I have no time to see anyone right now! It has made  it even more obvious how much I actually need my own meal prep service at the moment, that has not only given me a couple of hours back in the week but also meant I’m not binge eating, I’m still eating exactly what I should be.


I have seen a couple of old faces from networking this week and it’s funny how much they think I have changed physically, I don’t see the differences as obviously as they do especially because of the time gap between seeing each other, so to hear such things is a really nice motivation to keep going.


I have started drinking a green juice every day from our very own kitchen, mainly because I have lowered my calorie intake for the next stage of my bodybuilding prep. The juice keeps me filled up between meals (well, as close to ‘filled-up’ as it gets when you’re eating such small amounts of food!) and of course, means I’m getting more than my 5-a-day in! Not going to lie they aren’t the tastiest drinks in the world but my God I can tell how much my body is thanking me already.

Chris Howard

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