Blog 22 – Down days do exist

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Recently, I have started to get annoyed a lot more at petty things, I’m not enjoying training like usual it just seems to be an effort and this weekend i was just dropping weights on the floor, being that annoying guy in the gym; I just didn’t want to be there. Looking at it positively this is the first time on this journey i’ve been struggling, it’s not like this is an easy task and I need to understand that at times it will be tough. Having friends and family around me, and especially Chris who is following the same plan really does help; they put up with my mood swings too it’s great!


If there were no downs on this journey then there would be no ups either so they can only be a positive thing. Picking myself up is as easy as getting on with it, getting back on the grind. One of my favourite sayings is that someday isn’t a day in the week… You might as well just crack on because if you want to achieve your goals, you have to put the time and effort in, being on a downer isn’t an excuse to stop everything.


Next weekend, I’m going to train in the UP gym in marbella for two days – another avenue to grow the business and to be honest, a really nice change of scenery. Having things to look forwards to like this (albeit, this is a bit extreme) makes journey’s like this that bit easier so I’d definitely recommend setting dates to get away with friends or family, go and eat in a different city or something, keep things fresh!

Chris Howard

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