Blog 21 – Can I use the leg press please?

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If there is one part of my body I really like; it is my legs. I suppose all those years of being overweight must have set my legs up for the future, carrying all that weight for so long must have built a good structure… Rubbish! What a lie. The only way I have managed it, and you will, is through hard work and eating the right stuff. Three years of work in the gym, two to three leg sessions a week helped me build my legs up.


Leg day today was interrupted by a super rude person who decided I wasn’t allowed to use the leg press because he was commandeering it – from the other side of the gym. I’m not one to cause a scene though, so I just left him to it and used a different machine! What a guy. Anyway, the leg session was still good, make sure you have the good old fashioned leg extension in there, not only does it make your quads suffer but it doesn’t half give you an ego boost tensing your legs at the top of the movement!


Food food, food! I know I keep going on about it (free marketing) but it’s so nice to be eating good, tasty food. In the past when I have prepped my own food it’s often been as boring as a plain chicken breast and a sweet potato, a big slab of steak in the morning, some broccoli and a slice of salmon at night. I wouldn’t be eating enough, and I’m pretty sure my food would taste boring as!

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