Are You Wearing The Correct Footwear?

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Why correct footwear is key


Whether your workout mainly involves handling heavy weights, walking, running or sports, it is essential that you have proper footwear according to the activity.


One of the major causes of injury is not wearing correct footwear so to prevent taking a major toll on your body, investing in good quality shoes could save you the medical expenses you might make otherwise. Moreover, wearing proper shoes may actually make your workouts more enjoyable and comfortable for you.


The type of shoe matters There is a wide array of sports shoes for you to choose from. If you’re a runner, purchase a pair of good quality running shoes. Running shoes have inbuilt shock absorbers that make them ideal for running.


For walking, you should get a pair of lightweight shoes. For tennis, choose tennis shoes as they have flexible soles that help protect your feet from the impact of rapid side to side movements. Aerobics shoes and cross training shoes are available as well.


Proper fitting According to the McKinley Health Center, its best to try on shoes at a shop after a workout or in the afternoon or evening because your feet are larger during these times. Bend the shoes and check if they’re too flexible. A shoe that is too flexible may not provide enough support during physical activity.


Make sure you try on shoes with your sports socks and stand up and walk in those shoes to see if they are a good fit. It is best to leave half an inch between the tip of your sole and your big toe so that you are able to wiggle your toes in the shoes.


Prevent injuries Wearing correct footwear will help prevent major workout injuries depending on the type of physical activity you are involved in. Proper shoes will cushion your feet and lessen the impact while walking and during heavy impacts. Furthermore, choosing sport-specific shoes will improve your performance.

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