Who We Are

We are Cheshire’s leading provider of genuinely healthy food solutions, approved, eaten and loved by the region’s top Personal Trainers and Nutritionists.

The PT Kitchen is all about making your health, fitness and weight loss goals become a reality.

We have created Meal Plans, Juice Cleanse Packages and Superfood Snacks that taste amazing, are conveniently dropped straight to your front door and turn a healthy-eating lifestyle into an enjoyable experience!

“I regret eating healthy today”

… said no-one, ever.

We understand that people across our region want to eat the best food possible both in terms of taste and nutrition.

They want the best sources of energy to fuel their busy lives, whilst having the body they dream of and hair and skin that glows.

And they want to enjoy life!

We have the answer…


Josh Peers
Founder & MD

I’ve struggled in the past with my weight and comfort eating. It’s taken a lot of trial and error but I am now confident that I have found the way of eating that suits me.

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