Wish I had more time!


This week we’ve had loads of new snack ideas and meals coming through, I’d love to give you my opinion on how they taste but I can’t eat any of them! So I’ll have to trust Chris’s opinion that as usual, they’re great. I’ve been so busy with work this past week which has meant prepping my own food has to be done late at night, something which I don’t have the energy to bother with – I just know it has to be done. I miss having the luxury of The PT Kitchen just having it all ready for me, it probably saved me a good 10 hours of prepping a week.


To some people, including me, that is the main thing that matters in life; having time, and The PT Kitchen definitely helps with that; but the other thing which is less obvious because the service does of course need paying for, is that so much money is being saved. Buying all the ingredients for my meals at the moment is setting me back much more than a set plan from the kitchen would cost; and not only that but now I have to worry about cooking it, and trying to make it taste as nice as possible!


Training is becoming a laborious task at the moment; it no longer feels like a hobby. I’m excited to get back to training like normal, when I want and how I want rather than twice a day 6 times a week. All I keep thinking at the moment is there is only a month and a bit left now; I can’t wait to see the end product!

Chris Howard

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