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Short one this week, there isn’t much news to report! Things are moving forwards and I’m feeling okay, just a bit bored of certain things at this current time. At the moment, leg day is the biggest chore ever. Having to push weight then spend time on a stepper afterwards is leaving me throbbing, and each and every caliper test has shown my knees to be inflamed. Training with intention to compete is definitely not the healthiest process.


The before and after pictured from where I started and where I am now look great; I’m genuinely so proud of where I have gotten to so far but the chances of me being stage ready are looking slimmer and slimmer by the day; pardon the pun! The caliper’s fat test is showing me at just below 10% which was my original target, which is absolutely amazing; but that doesn’t mean I have that typical body-building physique. Unless things change drastically in these last 6 weeks or so I can see myself dropping out of the competition for now; aiming for it in the future and just using this period as complete body transformation on myself – I mean I’m not even at the end of it, and I’ve already lost 50% of the weight on parts of my body… Unbelievable!

Chris Howard

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