Christmas Party ‘Superfood’ Cocktails

In the midst of Christmas Party season we thought you might appreciate some pointers on ‘superfooding’ your alcohol consumption. We love finding innovative ways to increase our intake of as many anti-aging antioxidants as possible and what better way to add them to Christmas cocktails?! In addition, with a couple of simple ingredient changes, you can make more hydrating […]


Guilt-Free Chocolate Mousse Recipe

DAIRY FREE. GLUTEN FREE. SUGAR FREE. GUILT FREE. Yes a dairy-free and nutritious chocolate mousse is possible when using ingredients such as raw cacao and avocado! And these kind of ingredients can now be sourced easily despite living in rainy Manchester/Cheshire where we aren’t typically known for our tropical ingredients! Ingredients One tin of coconut milk – you […]

Healthy Choices

More fats and less sugar!

Too often people reach for store-bought, additive-filled, convenience protein snacks, ‘healthy’ breakfast bars or ‘gluten-free’ snack bars and they think they are ‘being good’. A lot of these products are cleverly-marketed as ‘healthy’, however, in reality, they still contain unnatural, processed ingredients, refined sugars, or, best case scenario, have a high sugar content from natural […]